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More Cases

  • Tudo
  • Triple-double
  • Pole position
  • Hat-trick
  • No-hitter
  • Grand slam
  • Knockout
  • Enriched your content with KNOCK OUT
    Knockout allow to quicly add graphical insertion in the video with only a few clicks
  • Triple double capacitates NWB to showcase analysis
    NWB activates campaigns from Triple double overlays' insertions
  • WSL uses KNOCK OUT to create branded content
    You can create highly personalized branded content to engage with your audience
  • Grand Slam can be used to compare players perfomance
    Cartesian can collect data related at accelaration and speed of any desire object
  • Use Knock out to enrich the Highlights
    Knock out you enable you to create contents that can better fit your audience
  • Grandslam can track players from every sport
    Grandslam enables you to see the differences in speed along the course
  • Triple double enables a better understanding of the match through tactics
    With tactical sketch you can explain the game dynamics easily
  • Triple Double gives you a tactical pont of view of the sport
    Tactical analysis helps new fans to understand the game dynamics
  • Grandslam data capture enable you to compare performaces
    With the Ghosting tecnology you can compare the lap path from differente drivers
  • Use Knock Out to better expose your brand
    Insert you brand logo in the video to better explore your contents
  • No hitter gives you report of addboard exposure
    No Hitter track everytime that your addboard was shown during the match
  • Hat trick gives you eficiency and scalability
    Quickly share your highlights and Key momments of the match on social media
  • Pole Position enables you to easily crop and share contents
    In a few clicks transform your video in a perfect social media content
  • Grandslam enables you to capture data from Old matches
    With Cartesian Stats you can capture data from past players and team
  • With Hat Trick, you are never gonna lose a goal again
    Our artificial inteligence learned how to identify and tag every goal momment
  • PolePosition enables you to broadcast a match by only using one camera
    Without the need of cameraman, you can have a high level broadcasting
  • Hat trick works with every sport, even e-sports
    Optimize and increase you possibilitys of content creation
  • Gain of eficiency and scalability with Pole Position
    With out cameraman-less solution you can gain scabality in your events
  • No Hitter tracks catalogue and capture brand exposure
    No Hitter Feature Detection use words identification to tag and track companys and brands
  • Hat trick autonomously identify goals and highlights
    Create condensed clips with your favorite highlights
  • Track every digital inserion with NO HITTER
    No Hitter Digital Insertion tracks and catalogue all midia insertion shown during the match broadcasting
  • Pole Position enables you to easily crop and share contents
    Quickly share your contents in social media format