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Grand slam
Volei Taubate used GrandSlam to track and identify the speed of players serve
Used by
Logo Volei Taubate
No Hitter was used to track, indetify and catalogue the apperence of the ZOOM's logo during the match
Athletico uses HAT TRICK to autonomously track and identify goals of the match. Allowing you to share contents almost near live.
Used by
Logo CAP
Grand-Slam Autonomous Data Capture
No-Hitter Autonomous Video Tagging
Hat-Trick Clipping of Plays Via Machine Learning

iSPORTiSTiCS platform is applying AI in a handful of cases
Hockey de Grama
Grandslam was used to identify and calculate the accelaration and the speed of the desired player
TNT Warner
TNT Sports used No-Hitter technolgy to identifies and catalogue all digital insertion of the match
Hat Trick tecnology captures and tags autonomously the highlights of your match