Capture every moment, unlock every insight

Manage, repurpose and distribute video content – at scale.

iSPORTISTICS helps to capture and manage various data points in video; insights at every frame.

Video intelligence propelling solutions, from production automation to data capture


Autonomous video tagging

Branded content and merchandising verification for TV programming and  digital video – live and VOD

Clipping of highlights and actions

Live clipping and action tagging. Play-by-play organization via AI models and 3rd-party data feeds

Content repurpose

Squared and vertical clip highlighting the main action, social media ready in seconds

Personalized content that engages

CiS – Content insight System | creating content tailored to users preferences

Video content explored at its full potential

Business Models

Platform as a Service

iSPORTiSTiCS AI solutions available at proprietary platform, pay-per-use starting at $50*, no long-term licenses required

Project Package

Our team helps you to size, define, and operate all iSPORTiSTiCS AI solutions, including partnership management with third parties**

Integration Development

Consumption of iSPORTiSTiCS technologies directly through APIs or development of integration into operational workflow

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